Stocktaking of REDD+ in India (2017)

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Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and role of conservation, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forests carbon stocks collectively known as REDD+ has been discussed under UNFCCC for over a decade. ICFRE as an observer organization to UNFCCC has proactively contributed to the agenda of REDD+ in the form of various submissions and policy inputs. Now the concept of REDD+ is quite mature and various countries have started claiming benefits, accruing from the mechanism byfulfilling the conditions required to be eligible for REDD+ finance. India has always remained in the forefront of REDD+ negotiations. However, it lagged behind its speedy implementation at domestic level. For example, India is yet to develop the national strategy and action plan, the reference level and also the safeguard information system for implementing REDD+ in the country.

This publication will update the state of knowledge on REDD+ in India. A brief on REDD+ pilot projects initiated in different parts of the country are given in the report and actions that are required to be taken at the national level by the government.

Language: English
Imprint: Dehradu, India 2017
Pages: 56