Semi-Domesticated Plant Genetic Resources in Nepal (2017)

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Many plant species in the world are neither in fully wild state nor fully domesticated. The semi-domestication means a kind of plant species that is in between wild plants and domesticated crops. Semi-domesticated plants are mostly in or around the farm and are under human intervention to care and maintain them. These plants have different uses such as food, fruits and vegetables, spices, flower and others in the community. In Nepal, 42 plant species are in the state of semidomestication, distributed in different ecological regions. Among them one species is uses as grain, 22 as vegetables, 9 as fruits, 3 as spices and condiments, one as flower juice and 6 as oil and fiber. Their values are increasing because of high adoptive capacity to environment, possessing medicinal properties and ease of maintenance. Research on diversity and nutrient properties of such species available in the country needs to initiate along with conservation activities.
Year: 2017
Language: English
In: Conservation and Utilization of Agricultural Plant Genetic Resources in Nepal: Proceedings of 2nd National Workshop 22-23 May 2017, Dhulikhel, Nepal, 408-412 p.


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