Planning Management for Ecosystem Services: An Operations Manual (2017)

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This Operations Manual provides a practical method for including ecosystem management in sustainable development planning and implementation at the site and landscape levels and present’s six steps for planning management for ecosystem services. It is primarily designed to support the work of ICIMOD and its partners in the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH), but is of use in most terrestrial environments of the world. Currently, there is a lack of operational guidance for development practitioners, natural resources managers, and conservation professionals to put ‘managing for ecosystem services’ into practice. As a result, many natural resources management activities that are intended to work with ecosystem services are still ‘old wine in new bottles’. This publication aims to reduce the gap in understanding, planning, and managing the environment for ecosystem goods and services, thereby strengthening existing development and livelihood activities by using established knowledge on ecology and ecosystem sciences.

For more information and training in the use of the Manual please contact Yi Shaoliang, and Philip Bubb

ISBN: 978 92 9115 519 4 (printed) 978 92 9115 520 0 (electronic)
Language: English
Pages: 118


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