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000032829 245__ $$aA Study of Solid Waste Management in Dya-Kuu Community, Ward no. 10 in Kirtipur, Nepal
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000032829 520__ $$aAs rapid urbanization leads to an increase in municipal waste, inefficient waste management services have resulted in the dumping of waste in undeveloped plots (public and private) along with open burning. Even though public-rivate partnership (PPP) arrangement for waste management exists in Kirtipur municipality, the oligopoly of private waste collectors means that some communities are deprived of waste collection service. Dya-kuu community, despite being a peri-urban area with 34 households, resort to dumping and burning on privately owned, undeveloped plots due to poor waste collection service. This study examines key issues for current waste management in Dya-Kuu community and suggests viable alternatives to the problems identified. This study used focus group discussion and household survey method to understand the current waste management practices and to evaluate what options might be available to the community in the future, such as, increase of collection frequency from once to twice a week. 68 % of the households practised burning of waste, whereas 38% opted for dumping in two informal plots. Only four households currently subscribed to waste collectors from an adjoining neighborhood. Furthermore, our survey revealed that many households ended their subscription for waste collection because of a sudden hike in the price. The waste collectors cited the steep and narrow roads and untimely payment for the increased price and for their unwillingness to provide service to Dya-kuu.
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000032829 653__ $$aOligopoly 
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