Kangchenjunga Landscape Conservation and Development Strategy and Regional Cooperation Framework : ICIMOD Working Paper 2017/2 (2017)
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The KL stands out from other landscapes for its high endowment of endemism and an intricate network of 19 protected areas. The Regional Conservation and Development Strategy (RCDS) and the Regional Cooperation Framework (RCF) for this landscape primarily seeks to strike a balance between the development needs of the resident population and the conservation functions of the landscape. It emphasizes the linking of protected areas through conservation corridors to increase their conservation effectiveness, improvement of local economies based on ecosystem services, enhancing the resilience of local communities to climate and socio-economic change, safeguarding local culture and indigenous knowledge, and promoting the integrated regional approach in management of ecosystems.
ICIMOD Working Paper

ISBN: 978 92 9115 453 1 (printed) 978 92 9115 454 8 (electronic)
Language: English
Pages: 42


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