Building Partnerships for Conservation and Development in HKH: Exploring Complementary Opportunities for Improving HKPL Transboundary Cooperation from One Belt, One Road Initiative, 1–12 December 2016, Lanzhou, China : ICIMOD Proceedings 2017/4 (2017)

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The Hindu Kush Karakoram Pamir Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (HKPL-CDI) is a regional transboundary initiative to enhance cooperation between Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, and Tajikistan for biodiversity conservation and mountain sustainable development. The HKPL team visited China and fulfilled various purposes: (i) They conducted the HKPL review and planning meeting involving all four countries and were able to bring on board for the first time relevant participants from Afghanistan; (ii) jointly organized with Lanzhou University (LU) a two-day event on sharing rangeland resources work and presentation from potential partners; (iii) provided a platform for three NSFC-ICIMOD project participants to initiate discussions and plan their future activities; and (iv) established potential collaborations with the provincial government, bureaus, universities, and other relevant institutions from China involved in the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative.

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