Package of Practices for Promoting Climate Resilient Cardamom Value Chains in Nepal (2017)
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This Package of Practices (POP) was prepared with the goal of promoting climate-resilient cardamom value chain in Nepal. The intervention is carried out under the ‘Support to Rural Livelihoods and Climate Change Adaptation in the Himalaya – Himalica’, a demand-driven programme funded by the European Union and managed by ICIMOD. The Environment Conservation and Development Forum (ECDF) has joined hands with ICIMOD to implement the pilot project in Taplejung, with the objective of improving the resilience of mountain women and men in selected clusters through designing and implementing context/target community specific interventions on cardamom value chain and its associated sub-chains. The overall objective of Himalica is to reduce poverty among mountain men and women and children by unlocking new livelihood opportunities and promoting more equitable approaches for livelihood improvement and resilient communities. The pilot projects are designed around three broad areas: 1) improved management of resources (ensure the sustainability of the production system), 2) income diversification (adding value by upgrading products, processes, linkages, and diversification of products), and 3) institutional strengthening (with a focus on gender, social inclusion and governance). In line with the overall concept and strategy of Himalica pilots, one important intervention is to develop a POP with a list of technologies/practices which are to be promoted along with training and demonstration strategies for improving cardamom production systems in Taplejung district as a whole and to showcase demonstrated effects in selected pilot villages. The POP provides detailed information on practices and technologies to support local implementing partners including nongovernmental organizations, vocational training institutions, research and academic institutions and communitybased organizations to implement pilot activities aimed at making value chain climate resilient.
ICIMOD Training Manual

ISBN: 978 92 9115 469 2 (printed)
Language: English
Pages: 52


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