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000032518 100__ $$aShrestha, A.
000032518 100__ $$aGhate, R.
000032518 245__ $$aTransboundary Water Governance in the Hindu Kush Himalaya Region Beyond the Dialectics of Conflict and Cooperation
000032518 245__ $$bHI-AWARE Working Paper 7
000032518 260__ $$c2017
000032518 260__ $$aKathmandu, Nepal
000032518 260__ $$bHimalayan Adaptation, Water and Resilience (HI-AWARE)
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000032518 507__ $$aAnkita Shrestha, Rucha Ghate
000032518 520__ $$aThe querulous nature of transboundary water governance is as old as the concept and practice of transboundary water management. Its discourse is now overwhelmed by attempts made and lessons learnt in transboundary water management. Against this background, this paper presents a systematic inquiry into the rationale behind transboundary cooperation in order to reinforce and inform further research on and practice of transboundary water governance in the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) region. Why should riparian countries collaborate with each other to form a transboundary alliance? This narrative review attempts to provide a justification for a pragmatic approach to transboundary water governance that goes beyond the dialectics of conflict and cooperation, particularly for countries in the HKH, where research evidence suggests that such a governance system could have momentous socio-economic as well as political implications. Research dedicated to finding this rationale is restricted to secondary-data analysis based mainly on national and international level research-based perspectives on the need for transboundary water management. The main objective of the review is to aid the understanding of the current status and conceivability of transboundary water management in HKH countries to ultimately help in policy and decision making.
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000032518 653__ $$awater management
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