कैलाश पवित्र भू–परिधि नेपालमा पाइने मिचाहा बाह्य वनस्पति प्रजातिहरू [ Manual on invasive alien plant species in Kailash Sacred Landscape-Nepal ] (2017)

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This educational material is produced to help government agencies, the academic community, and volunteers to identify invasive alien plant species in their area of work and that pose a threat in the landscape. Early detection of the species is an essential first step in the cost-effective removal or control and management of invasive species. This brochure provides specific details on invasive alien plant species found in the Kailash Sacred Landscape of Nepal, including impacts and management options.

ISBN: 978 92 9115 456 2 (electronic)
Language: Nepali
Pages: 42
Note: a translation of Manual on Invasive Alien Plant Species in Kailash Sacred Landscape-Nepal (2016) http://lib.icimod.org/record/32444


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