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000032338 100__ $$aFang, D.
000032338 245__ $$aWater-Energy Control Relationship in Socio-Economic System
000032338 260__ $$c2016
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000032338 520__ $$aThe water and energy are two essential and fundamental supporting resources for urban rapid development, and the interaction between these two resources are complex. This research uses the concepts of virtual water and embodied energy to interpret the water and energy flow networks in socio-economic system. Ecological network analysis is used to manifest the relationships between energy and water resources in socio-economic network with a case study of Beijing. The results show that the embodied energy flows show stronger control influence in the socio-economic system than the one of virtual water flows. Among 30 economic sectors, only 6 sectors, mainly primary and secondary industrial sectors, have virtual water dominated control influences, while the rest of sectors have embodied energy dominated control influences.
000032338 653__ $$aWater-Energy Nexus
000032338 653__ $$aUrban Socio-Economic Network
000032338 653__ $$aEcological Network
000032338 653__ $$aControl Analysis
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000032338 773__ $$ahttp://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.egypro.2016.06.149
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