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000032330 245__ $$aCommunity Perceptions and Responses to Climate Variability: Insights from the Himalayas
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000032330 507__ $$aAnju Pandit, Neera Shresthra Pradhan, Dhrupad Choudhury, ICIMOD staff, book chapters
000032330 520__ $$aA prerequisite for the formulation of effective adaptation strategies and plans is an in-depth understanding of impacts resultant of climate variability, the measures adopted by communities as a response to such stress and the support needs to reduce vulnerabilities arising out of such challenges. A satisfactory, updated information base covering all these aspects is difficult to come by, particularly in the Hindu Kush Himalayan countries, posing serious challenges for any agency tasked with the responsibility of formulating climate change adaptation strategies and plans. To bridge this knowledge gap, an extensive participatory assessment was undertaken in selected districts of Bhutan, India and Nepal, covering 90 villages spanning an altitudinal range of 50–3500 MSL. The results of this extensive survey are reported in this chapter, with special focus on perceptions of mountain communities on climate variability, their impacts and the responses of the communities to overcome the resultant stress.
000032330 653__ $$aChristian Huggel
000032330 653__ $$aSamuel U. Nussbaumer
000032330 653__ $$aGina Ziervogel(eds), Climate Change Adaptation Strategies – an Upstream-Downstream Perspective
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