Workshop Proceedings on Adaptation to Climate Change in the Upper Ganga Basin, 4 March 2016, Dehradun, India (2016)

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The HI-AWARE Academy, organised from 27 February–4 March 2016, in order to strengthen the expertise of researchers and students associated with Himalayan Adaptation, Water and Resilience (HI-AWARE), culminated in the “Adaptation to Climate Change in the Upper Ganga Basin”, a day-long workshop that was jointly hosted by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and the Centre for Ecology Development and Research (CEDAR). Like the Academy that immediately preceded it, the workshop aimed to improve the understanding of the challenges that communities in this arduous terrain—the Upper Ganga Basin—are facing with respect to climate change adaptation.

The workshop brought experts from various sectors together to share valuable information on the climatic risks that the region—the Western Himalayas in general, and Uttarakhand in particular—is facing. The speakers also shared experiences from their respective domains related to adapting to current climate risks as well as those that are likely in the near future. While the first two sessions revolved primarily around climate risks and adaptation, the third session focused specifically on the de-listing of adaptation options by using the Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA).

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