Proceedings of the Consultative Workshop on Landslide Inventory, Risk Assessment, and Mitigation in Nepal, 28–29 September 2015 (2016)

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Nepal is vulnerable to landslides due to the landscape’s geological fragility and steep terrain, unsustainable development practices, and extreme rainfall events. Each year, economic losses and the loss of lives from landslides constitute a significant portion of Nepal’s disaster loss database. The recent Gorkha Earthquake on 25 April 2015 and subsequent aftershocks have further weakened valley slopes across the country, further increasing the risk of landslide. In view of the need for collective and coordinated engagement for landslide risk management, particularly as postearthquake rehabilitation and reconstruction began, a two-day national consultation was organized in September 2015 covering all aspects of landslide risk management. The event attracted close to 100 participants...
ICIMOD Workshop Report

ISBN: 978 92 9115 383 1 (printed)
Language: English
Pages: 70


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