Promotion of the Allo (Himalayan Nettle) Value Chain in Nepal : Sustainable Livelihoods in the Kailash Sacred Landscape (2015)
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Allo (Himalayan nettle, stinging nettle) is a perennial shrub belonging to the Urticaceae family (Girardinia diversifolia). The stem bark of allo contains fibres with unique strength, smoothness, and silk-like lustre.

Nepal produces around 1,805 tonnes of allo each year. Half of the production is consumed within Nepal and the other half is exported. The demand for allo fabric is high in the international market. It is one of the most popular souvenir products of Nepal. Allo fibre also has great cultural significance among hill communities in Nepal. An estimated 20 tonnes of allo bark are produced in Darchula, of which 8–9 tonnes are produced in Khar Village Development Committee (VDC), where the plant is found in abundance. About 50% of allo from Darchula District is sourced from Khar VDC alone...

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