Annual Report 2014 (2015)

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The Annual Report 2014 gives a brief overview of ICIMOD’s activities over the past year. It presents progress and impacts across the broad areas of uptake of innovation, capacity building, putting science and data to use, influencing policy, facilitating regional cooperation, and global engagement. Highlights include global recognition of a community-based flood early warning system, cutting-edge research on the future flow of Himalayan rivers, and contributions to bring attention to mountain food security in Pakistan’s Agriculture and Food Security Policy.

The report also covers progress in three transboundary landscapes – Kangchenjunga, Karakoram-Pamir, and Far-eastern Himalayas – based on learning from ICIMOD’s flagship Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative. ICIMOD’s efforts to promote collaboration in river basin management across the region – including the development of a regional flood outlook and efforts to bring China, India, and Nepal together to tackle erosion – are also captured. The report also covers ICIMOD’s efforts to provide platforms to support effective decision making in the region, which includes the launch of the Regional Database Initiative and support provided to the development of Bhutan’s National Geospatial Portal.

The Centre’s audited financial report is also included in the report to ensure that ICIMOD maintains fiscal accountability and transparency.
ICIMOD Annual Report

Language: English
Pages: 80


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