Tools for Developing a Biocultural Community Protocol : ICIMOD Working Paper 2015/4 (2015)

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This publication was prepared to raise awareness about, and improve our understanding of, the customary rights of indigenous and local communities in relation to the use of biological resources and associated traditional knowledge and to enhance their capacity to negotiate at the time of bio-prospecting.

This publication can be used as a tool to help local-level authorities and community leaders during the preparation of a biocultural community protocol. Outlining clear steps and procedures, this publication provides a guide to stakeholders on the important steps to be taken while preparing a biocultural community protocol at the field level. It is anticipated that, with the documentation of a biocultural community protocol, indigenous and local communities will become aware of their customary rights over the use of biological resources and traditional knowledge.

ICIMOD Working Paper

ISBN: 978 92 9115 332 9 (printed)
Language: English
Pages: 28


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