The Selection of Eco-Migration Policy in Diqing Prefecture (2012)

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Annotation:::: The paper provides political analysis of mountain migration, and discusses eco-migration policy selection in Diqing Zhang Autonomous prefecture, Yunnan province. Using documental study, the paper finds that migration proves to be an important link and needs to be supported by policies for development of the ecologically vulnerable in Diqing prefecture. For eco-migration work in Diqing to be carried out in a stable way, it requires creating special policies, strengthening the work of poverty elimination through education, increasing the urban comprehensive carrying capacity, improving the urbanization system, and aiding poverty alleviation through innovative modes of industrial development. The plans for further implementation of China’s western campaign correspond well with Yunnan’s strategic goal of constructing a green economy, being a province for ethnic culture, and serving as a bridgehead through which China opens up to its south-western neighbouring countries. Along with other policies, this plan has contributed to bringing together poverty-alleviation development with ecological protection through the adoption of a new aid-the-poor mode of eco-migration in Diqing prefecture.
Year: 2012
Language: Chinese
In: The Journal of Yunnan Provincial Committee School of the CPC (Bimonthly), 13 (5): 98-101 p.

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