Studying the Transfer of Rural Surplus Work Force in the Areas of Ethnic Minorities of Yunnan with the Perspective of Technical Training (2005)

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Annotation:::: The paper provides an economic analysis of human resources, and examines the transfer of the rural surplus work force in ethnic minority areas in Yunnan province. Of the total land area in Yunnan, 94% is mountainous, and it is a long-term strategic project to transfer the rural surplus work force in ethnic minority areas of the province. Using the method of documental study, the paper finds that rural development is the key to the effective and complete development of Yunnan’s economy, and development of minority areas is essential for the rural economy. The transfer of the rural surplus work force depends on continuous and overall advancement of skills and abilities among villagers, which requires popularization of education, and vocational and technical trainings among migrant workers.
Year: 2005
Language: Chinese
In: Inquiry into Economic Issues (Monthly)(9), 107-109 p.

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