The Empirical Study of the Work of Relocating Extremely-Impoverished Population and Reducing the Poverty in Underdeveloped Communities of Ethnic Minorities: Case of Three Communities of Ethnic Minorities in Guizhou Province (2003)

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Annotation:::: The paper focuses on the demographic study of mountain migration among ethnic minorities, and analyses the work of relocating extremely impoverished populations and reducing poverty in three ethnic minority communities in Guizhou province. Using the methods of documental study and on-site investigation, the paper finds that the work of alleviating extreme poverty among ethnic minorities is closely related to the feeling of solidarity and common prosperity among all the nationalities as well as the strategy of population and sustainable development in China. Influenced by various historical factors and the natural production level, Guizhou is still inhabited by a number of extremely impoverished people, particularly from ethnic minority groups. According to the authors, it is only through incorporating local conditions into poverty-alleviation work and pursuing multiple channels for solving problems can local governments help assist differently situated groups with ample food, clothing, and sustainable development.
Year: 2003
Language: Chinese
In: Journal of Guizhou Nationalities University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) (Bimonthly)(2), 51-55 p.

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