The Study of the Modes of Poverty Alleviation and Development for Relocated Migrants in Mountainous Areas: Case of Laiyuan County, Baoding Municipality, Hebei Province (2012)

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Annotation:::: The paper considers the agricultural study of mountain migrants, and draws on experiences of poverty alleviation and relocation modes that may be helpful for other impoverished mountainous counties. It uses the method of documental study to examine experiences of mountain migration related to poverty alleviation and development in Laiyuan county, a typical mountainous and impoverished county in Baoding municipality, Hebei province. The author concludes finds that there are three effective modes of relocating migrants: scattering arrangement, ladder-shaped relocation, and construction of new villages of migrants. The distribution of land for resettlement and production is one of the main problems that creates difficulties for mountain migration related to poverty alleviation and development.
Year: 2012
Language: Chinese
In: Yearly Journal of Hebei Agricultural University,

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