A Review of the Recent Years’ Researches on Eco-Migration (2008)

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Annotation:::: The paper focuses on sociological and political aspects of mountain migration related to ecological protection, and aims to discuss the current research situation on the subject while putting forward several considerations of its own. Using the method of documental study to review recent research, the paper finds that as eco-migration has occurred, the practices related to it have developed concurrently. Academics have conducted innovative research on eco-migration in terms of its strategic status, implementation mode, policy and concrete measures taken. However, there are some limitations and gaps in existing research despite their findings.The authors suggest that researchers should provide more in-depth content, and extend their research fields by placing an emphasis on studying post-migration economic and social development given that the goal of relocation is to reduce poverty and improve living standards among migrants. While eco-migration appeared long ago in eastern China, there has been a lack of research on the practice, so strengthening the related theoretical study could be a way to better guide the practice. The authors recommend that academics should conduct comparative research on Chinese eco-migration, foreign eco-migration and other types of migration in China to draw out some related experiences. Researchers should attach greater importance to coordinating with policymakers and others engaged in the practical work of migration in order to minimize disconnect between theory and practice. Additionally, they identify the need to intensify multidisciplinary joint research because the study of eco-migration deals with numerous subjects, including economics, politics, law, sociology, demography, anthropology, ecology, ethnology, and religion. Only through integrated analysis of those subjects and comprehensive and systematic research can scientific decisions be made.The paper is listed as Social Sciences Fund Project of Hubei province numbered 2005-100 and Science & Technology Research Programme numbered 2005AA401C52.
Year: 2008
Language: Chinese
In: Journal of China Three Gorges University (Humanities & Social Sciences) (Bimonthly), 30 (1): 14-17 p.

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