Planning of the Open Space of Mountain Cities for Relocating the Migrants of the Three Gorges Region in Hubei Province. Master Thesis of Central China Agricultural University for the Year 2005 (2007)

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Annotation:::: The thesis focuses on the planning science of project-related mountain migration, and provides productive ideas related to further construction of migrant cities in Hubei province, while calling for more research on this topic. Based on the background information in the paper, a number of ancient townships, historical humanity scenic spots, and other villages were forced to be relocated due to the rise of water levels in the Three Gorges region. As a result, the process of urbanization of this region was hastened in a short period and several mountain cities for migrants suddenly appeared. However, corresponding development and expansion of open spaces in those mountain cities did not occur. Therefore, the top priority became focusing on protection and preservation of those historical humanity scenic spots and the urban eco-environment within newly-established open spaces in order to achieve sustainable development of the urban material space.Employing the methods of documental study, field investigation and data collection, the author finds that spatial organization, regional culture, and biodiversity protection must be taken into consideration during the planning of open space in mountain cities. Also the author notes that has been little domestic research on urban open space so far.
Year: 2007
Language: Chinese

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