Eco-Migration Theories and the Practice of Migration in Qinghai (2008)

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Annotation:::: The paper focuses on sociological and ethnological aspects of migration related to ecological protection in mountain areas of Qinghai province. It also summarizes theories of migration related to ecological protection and explore both the significance and causes. The author uses documental study to consider various migrant explorations and important changes in thinking around migration in Qinghai province since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, particularly following the implementation of policy reforms and opening up to the outside world.According to the findings, migration related to ecological protection proves to be an effective way of sustainable development, which conforms to Qinghai’s situation and enhances harmony between humans and nature. The following factors contribute to migration related to ecological protection: Qinghai’s unique natural geography, unsustainable population distribution, and the grim ecological situation.
Year: 2008
Language: Chinese
In: Qinghai Social Sciences (bimonthly)(6), 23-27 p.

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