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000030729 100__ $$aLiu, X. Q.
000030729 245__ $$aA Review of the Literatures on Eco-Migration in China
000030729 260__ $$c2008
000030729 269__ $$cAccessed Date 9 May 2013
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000030729 500__ $$aThis record is a part of annotated bibliography of Migration Literature of the Mountain Areas of China (including women and migration), with Special Focus on Yunnan (2000-2013) at http://lib.icimod.org/record/30240
000030729 507__ $$aAnnotated Bibliography Yunnan Migration
000030729 507__ $$aPeer-Reviewed Journal Article
000030729 520__ $$aAnnotation:::: The paper focuses on issues of resources, environment, and development, and uses the method of documental study for a comprehensive review of recent research. After analysing literature related to eco-migration and mountain migration in China, the paper finds that eco-migration has increasingly drawn concern of the public since the late 1990s, and that relevant research deals with a wide range of topics from classification, meaning, necessity, and feasibility of eco-migration, to the problems, policy proposals, and evaluation of its benefits. The implementation of eco-migration projects in poor mountain areas produce two results: poverty reduction and alleviation of environmental deterioration. According to the authors, it is important to persist with the idea of development aimed at integrating a concentrated population with industrial development and urbanization related construction. Prior research from different angles suggests the need for ideas and guidance conducive to the practice and policy making for eco-migration projects to be implemented in all related areas, and also states the importance of laying a solid foundation for subsequent eco-migration-related research. The authors conclude that overall, research on eco-migration still remains at an initial stage.The paper is a project supported by the National Social Sciences Fund of China, numbered 06BJY028.
000030729 650__ $$aMountain livelihoods
000030729 650__ $$aMigration and remittances
000030729 653__ $$aYunnan, China
000030729 653__ $$aMountain area
000030729 653__ $$amigration
000030729 700__ $$aWang, L. Q.
000030729 773__ $$pEcological Economy (Biannually)(1)
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