The Study of the Problems Arising from the Work of Relocating Voluntary Migrants and Initiating Poverty-Alleviation Action in the Areas of Ethnic Minorities in East Yunnan Province (2009)

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Annotation:::: The paper focuses on management of migrant relocation in east Yunnan, and uses the method of documental study to explore ways of addressing problems arising from the relocation of spontaneous mountain migrants. After discussing and analysing the realities of relocation work, the paper finds that it is difficult to relocate voluntary mountain migrants for poverty alleviation because there is no supportive policy for such work. Villagers living in ethnic minority areas in east Yunnan mostly depend on self-reliance or spontaneously migration to better their standard of living. The author states that supportive policies and regulations related to spontaneous mountain migration must be made in order to deal with problems related to relocation work.
Year: 2009
Language: Chinese
In: Times Finance(1), 127-129 p.

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