Local Villagers’ Relocation to Other Places and Their Cultural Adaptation: Cases of Chudonggua and Bangwai, Two Deang Villages in Santaishan Township (2009)

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Annotation:::: The paper focuses on mountain migration of ethnic minorities in Yunnan, and considers the ways that Deang minority migrants improve their capacity of adapting to changes following relocation. The paper uses the methods of ethnological study and case study, and conducts comparative research of Chudonggua and Bangwai, two Deang villages in Santaishan township, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous prefecture, Yunnan province. The authors find that there are some effects of the change in initial social relations on the cultural adaptation of eco-migrants. The initial social relationships of the Deang ethnic minority form an important social asset, and provide the social resources and structure that Deang villagers use to support and develop their production. After being relocated to other places, Deang eco-migrants recognise changes in the initial social relations and how the functioning of traditional Deang culture has weakened. Deang eco-migrants have strengthen their links to the outside world on multiple levels so as to improve their villages’ capacity of adapting themselves to those changes.
Year: 2009
Language: Chinese
In: Journal of Southwest University for Nationalities, 209 (1): 28-34 p.

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Note: This record is a part of annotated bibliography of Migration Literature of the Mountain Areas of China (including women and migration), with Special Focus on Yunnan (2000-2013) at http://lib.icimod.org/record/30240


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