Present Situation of the Rural Impoverished Population and Aid-the-Poor Work through Project-Related Resettlement in Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province (2007)

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Annotation:::: Employing methods of The paper focuses on project-related resettlement of mountain migrants in Nujiang prefecture, investigation of land resources and application of 3S technology, and aims to explore ways of alleviating poverty among mountain migrants. Nujiang prefecture is an impoverished area where a large number of mountain people live. They are widely distributed in the area with an ecologically vulnerable environment and laggard living conditions.documental study and investigation of land resources, the paper finds that positive results can be achieved through project-related resettlement of mountain migrants, and that appropriate policies of compensation, land distribution and job supply can help promote the resettlement. According to the authors, project-related resettlement of mountain migrants contributes to solving problems related to poverty of local residents, and speeding up the pace of aid-the-poor programme for mountain areas in Nujiang prefecture.
Year: 2007
Language: Chinese
In: Tropical Geography (Bimonthly), 27 (5): 451-454 p.

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