Rethinking and Proposal of the Place Selection for the Eco-Migrants from Mountainous Areas: Case of Migration in Southern Shaanxi Province (2012)

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Annotation:::: The paper focuses on migration science and industrial economy, and explores possibilities for helping mountain residents affected by natural disasters in the mountainous area of southern Shaanxi province. A wide range of natural disasters occur with a high frequency there, and it is difficult for local people live in such a mountainous area that is situated at the foot of a hill and beside a stream.The paper uses a field research method and documental research to explore ways of how to help the people affected by frequent natural disasters, such as mud-and-rock flow. After discussing and analysing the present situation and future development of local natural disasters, the paper concludes that it will be better for local people to move to a place higher on the mountain that faces the water as a way to avoid floods and other disasters. The paper is the periodical achievement of a project financially supported by Shanxi Provincial Foundation of Social Sciences numbered 11EO59, a research project of the Education Department of Shaanxi Province numbered 11JK0110 and a research project on major theories and practical problems in the social sciences in Shanxi numbered 2011Z068.
Year: 2012
Language: Chinese
In: Reform & Strategy (Monthly), 28 (12): 97-99 p.

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