Returning Land for Farming to Forestry and Its Influence on the Work of Using Mountain Areas in Yunnan (2006)

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Annotation:::: The paper focuses on studies of eco-migration, the protection of resource environment and scientific use of upland areas. It aims to explore ways of lifting local mountain people out of poverty while protecting the eco-system.Most mountain people live in upland areas where the eco-environment has deteriorated, and their living conditions have worsened due to cutting of trees and using other natural resources. In such circumstances, Yunnan provincial government began to implement the project of “returning the grain plots to forestry” in 2002. This would mean many mountain people leaving their upland homes and resettling in the areas with relatively better living conditions.Using documental study, the paper discusses and analyses the effects of the project of “returning the grain plots to forestry” and resettlement of mountain people. The authors conclude stating that the resettlement of mountain people has bettered the land utilization in Yunnan province, improved the ecosystem and environment, and increased the income of local people. However, some problems in the management of forestry continue to remain, and policies must be initiated to improve the quality of farmland, composition of forest and grassland, and promote the resettlement of mountain people.
Year: 2006
Language: Chinese
In: Yunnan Geographic Environment (Bimonthly), 18 (6): 20-25 p.

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