The Study of the Transfer of Rural Surplus of Labour Force and Vocational Education in Yunnan Province (2007)

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Annotation:::: The thesis focuses on the background and process of education and training for rural migrants in Yunnan, an underdeveloped province in China. According to the author, the transfer of the rural surplus labour plays a particularly important part in Yunnan’s strategies for modernization and helping its rural mountainous areas reduce poverty and improve living standards. In recent years, the Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Chinese Communist Party has worked with Yunnan Provincial People’s Government to meet the essential requirements of strategies for “revitalizing Yunnan through science and education” and “reinvigorating the province through human resource development”. They have worked together to quicken the pace of development, and to reform vocational education by actively carrying forward the “Training Programme for a Million Farmer-Workers” and “Sunlight Project of Training for the Transfer of Rural Surplus Work Force”. As a result, rural vocational education in Yunnan has developed vigorously, effectively promoting the transfer of the rural surplus labour force in Yunnan.The author examines a large number of existing documents and online materials related to the education and vocational training for labour migrants in rural Yunnan. According to the findings of this analysis, education and vocational training is in high demand among mountain migrants in Yunnan, and these education and training opportunities have played an important role in the transfer of the rural surplus labour force in Yunnan. The paper suggests that, given the lack of enough money and teachers, the concerned government departments should raise funds through various channels. They should also encourage more qualified persons to be involved in the “Sunlight Project” so as to better develop vocational education and stimulate labour migration in rural and mountainous Yunnan.
Year: 2007
Language: Chinese
In: Yearly Journal of Yunnan Normal University,

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