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000030693 100__ $$aYang, Z. H.
000030693 245__ $$aThe Problem of Rural Spontaneous Immigrants in Kaiyuan City, Yunnan Province Drew Great Attention from the Public: Illegal Rural Immigrants May Become Legal Local Residents
000030693 260__ $$c2013
000030693 269__ $$c21 December 2013
000030693 507__ $$aAnnotated Bibliography Yunnan Migration
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000030693 500__ $$aNews Report Related to Mountain Migrants in China
000030693 520__ $$aAnnotation :::: Thirty years ago, Kaiyuan was an industrial city with highways and railroads opening to traffic, and the economic development being at the top of the list of Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous prefecture, Yunnan province. From then on, mountain farmers from neighbouring counties and cities came to the suburbs of Kaiyuan for renting land, seeking employment, and thus became the first generation of spontaneous migrants. At the same time, even mountain villagers from five provinces and cities, and six counties in Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing, Zhejiang, and Hunan also came here regularly. This resulted in migrants of Kaiyuan being widely sourced and living scattered. It was difficult to incorporate them into a management mechanism. They were spontaneous migrants, and some of them were mountain villagers living below the local poverty line who could not enjoy various public services and benefits offered by the local government. As a result, they became the local “people without residence registration”. In order to solve the problem of “the spontaneous rural immigrants without residence registration” being in Kaiyuan city for long periods, Honghe prefecture government held a seminar and planned to take new measures so that “those who want to have permanent registration residence will be issued identity cards, and other spontaneous immigrants will be put into the management mechanism for floating population”. This initiative was meant to bring spontaneous rural migrants into the local rural medical insurance system and fundamentally solve the problem of “the spontaneous rural immigrants without residence registration”.
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