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000030689 245__ $$aShuangqiao Exploration Mode Related to Mountain Migration
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000030689 500__ $$aThis record is a part of annotated bibliography of Migration Literature of the Mountain Areas of China (including women and migration), with Special Focus on Yunnan (2000-2013)  at http://lib.icimod.org/record/30240
000030689 507__ $$aAnnotated Bibliography Yunnan Migration
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000030689 500__ $$aNews Report Related to Mountain Migrants in China
000030689 520__ $$aAnnotation :::: Governments at all levels in southern Shaanxi plan to invest nearly 123 CNY and spend 10 years relocating nearly 2.8 million mountain people who have suffered from geological disasters, which is reputed as the largest relocation project since the founding of the PRC. Ziyang county of southern Shaanxi is the county of frequent occurrence of geological disasters in the territory of Ankang city. Taking the opportunity presented by the project, the county plans to spend 10 years in relocating 130,000 people, which accounts for about half of the total rural population. The project of the county is welcomed by people, but only a meagre allowance can be supported by government. Without much input from government at all levels, accomplishing such a huge relocation project within a decade requires extraordinary effort and commitment. In this regard, Shuangqiao township, a remote small township in Ziyang county, has creatively combined the relocation work with the construction of a market town, thus exploring a new path of migration.Lancaoping modern community, which was constructed at earlier an stage, has become the new type community for farmers with the most advanced design and complete functioning in present Ziyang county. The investment in the construction of the community totalled as much as 40 million CNY, and the government almost did not spend at all. The report concludes that the construction of the project depends on a few key initiatives. These include making a scientific plan for the whole township; conducting investigation and ideological mobilization among the people; and adhering to the cadres’ responsibility system, which means that a three-cadre group has to track and be responsible for the relocation, resettlement, and future employment of each household. The small township, which is hidden in a remote mountain of southern Shaanxi, has also planned to spend about five years transferring relocated households from farming to industrial work, with their annual net income reaching over 10,000 CNY a person. And thus they can actually fulfil the idea of “living in a mature community and working in an industrial park”. 
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