Rural China: The Theory and Practice of Poverty Alleviation and Relocation of Voluntary Migrants (2004)

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Annotation :::: The book focuses on the economic aspects of voluntary migrant relocation related to poverty alleviation, and reviews the practices and experiences of the work to relocate these migrants that has been conducted over the course of several years. Using the methods of documental and empirical study, the authors find that the work of relocating voluntary migrants, particularly mountain migrants, proves to be of great significance to the post-disaster reconstruction of impoverished mountain villages. Also, the work of relocating voluntary migrants contributes to local poverty alleviation and economic development. Systematic summary of relocation work for voluntary migrants and poverty alleviation lays a solid foundation for subsequent, related theoretical research. The authors are from the Office for the Post-Disaster Reconstruction of Impoverished Villages under the State Council of the PRC, and the book is part of the comprehensive poverty-relief project (numbered CPR/01/201) for studying poverty-alleviation action of relocating voluntary migrants and initiated by the UNDP and the PRC State Council.
Language: Chinese
Imprint: 2004
Note: This record is a part of annotated bibliography of Migration Literature of the Mountain Areas of China (including women and migration), with Special Focus on Yunnan (2000-2013) at
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