The Present Psychological Health of Eco-Migrants in Ningxia (2012)

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Annotation :::: The paper takes a medical science approach and aims to understand the present conditions of psychological health and other related factors for eco-migrants in Ningxia to provide theoretical reference for improving mental health among eco-migrant communities. The paper uses multi-stage random sampling method on a sample of 344 eco-migrants 16 and over in a certain area in Ningxia, and 282 non-migrants aged 16 and over living around the migrant community. Using a symptom checklist or SCL-90 and self-made questionnaires to conduct a household survey, the authors compare the differences between the migrants and non-migrants in terms of total average SCL-90 score, the average score of each factor, and psychological barriers to positive screening. According to the findings, mental health of eco-migrants proves to be much worse than that of non-migrants in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Women, Hui, and elderly migrants are more likely to have mental health problems.
Language: Chinese
Imprint: 2012
Pages: 537-542
Note: This record is a part of annotated bibliography of Migration Literature of the Mountain Areas of China (including women and migration), with Special Focus on Yunnan (2000-2013) at
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