The Study of Rural Emigrant Workers and Their Remittances in China (2001)

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Annotation :::: The paper focuses on the emigration of mountain villagers and remittances, and aims to discuss what impact such emigration and remittances have on the sending places. The paper uses the methods of empirical research and quantitative analysis to conduct questionnaire surveys of 493 migrant workers in Beijing and 451 rural households in Sichuan province. After discussing and analysing the available data, the paper concludes that firstly, more than 70% of the migrant workers send monetary remittances to their rural households; secondly, remittances contribute much more substantially to rural income in China than in other countries; thirdly, the high percentage of remittances in China derives from the impact of local customs and cultural traditions; fourthly, the remittances related to migration promote socioeconomic stability and development.
Language: Chinese
Imprint: 2001
Pages: 64-76
Note: This record is a part of annotated bibliography of Migration Literature of the Mountain Areas of China (including women and migration), with Special Focus on Yunnan (2000-2013) at
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