Solar Technologies at Godavari
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Caption: Solar Technologies at Godavari
Place: Godavari, Lalitpur, Nepal
Copyright: Photographer/ICIMOD
Description: Solar energy has been used for centuries for drying crops, clothes, wood, and crop residues, and heating building. But now methods have been developed to make these activities more efficient, and to use solar energy in different ways. Using solar energy can reduce consumption of fuel wood, health problems form exposure to smoke from burning wood, and the drudgery of fuel wood collection. Solar oven: Cooks 3 to 4 items in 2 hours (enough for a family of 3-4) Solar dryer: Can dry 6-8 kgs of food in 2 days. Keeps food clean and reduces exposure to dust, insects, birds and others Solar water disinfecting device: Can be used to disinfect 6-12 liters of water per day through pasteurization (Heating to 65 degree Celsius above)
Note: fuelwood, health problem, indoor air pollution,