Migration Literature on the Mountain Areas of China with Special Focus on Yunnan (2000–2013)- Annotated Bibliography (2015)

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Research by Chinese scholars and reports published by government institutions in China are often not accessible to non-Chinese researchers, practitioners, or students because most of these documents are published in Mandarin. This annotated bibliography aims to provide a brief overview of the migration literature on the mountain areas of China with a special focus on Yunnan. It includes 70 peer reviewed journal articles, seven documents issued by the central and local government institutions in China, and four books. Around 20 of the documents included in the bibliography address gender-related issues. Some newspaper articles have been included. These documents discuss a wide array of issues on migration: origin communities, the relationship between migration and poverty alleviation, economic migration, natural disasters and migration, climate change and migration, development projects and migration, the status quo and future patterns of the mountain migration in China, modes of relocation, challenges arising from resettlement of mountain dwellers, and migration from rural mountain areas to urban centres for employment.
Language: English
Note: This publication is the result of research conducted as a part of the Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme (HICAP).

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