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000030185 100__ $$aMolden, D.
000030185 245__ $$aGender Equality as a Key Strategy for Achieving Equitable and Sustainable Development in Mountains: The Case of the Hindu Kush–Himalayas
000030185 260__ $$c2014
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000030185 507__ $$aDavid Molden, Ritu Verma, Eklabya Sharma, ICIMOD staff, peerreviewed, ESjar
000030185 520__ $$aThe International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) believes in a future where the mountain people of the Hindu Kush–Himalayas can experience enhanced livelihoods, equity, and social and environmental security; where they can adapt to environmental, socioeconomic, and climate change; and where future generations of mountain and downstream populations can enjoy the benefits and opportunities afforded by the region's natural endowment. ICIMOD is an intergovernmental center that develops and shares information and knowledge, facilitates learning, and uses innovation and effective communication to empower its eight regional member countries—Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan—and the women, men, and children living there. ICIMOD believes that interventions are most successful when they take into account the points of view of everyone in society, regardless of gender, caste, or ethnicity. Inclusiveness is the hallmark of ICIMOD's work.
000030185 700__ $$aVerma, R.
000030185 700__ $$aSharma, E.
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000030185 773__ $$a10.1659/MRD-JOURNAL-D-14-00064
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