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000030139 100__ $$aMaia, R.
000030139 245__ $$aWater Resources Management in an Interdisciplinary and Changing Context
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000030139 520__ $$aThe great change and adaptation in water policy and management that occurred in the last decade in Europe and in the world resulted in water resources management being consistently in the international agenda. Having that in mind, the 8th International Conference of EWRA, held in Porto, Portugal, 26th–29th June 2013, and dedicated to “Water Resources Management in an Interdisciplinary and Changing Context” was a milestone for the assessment of the progress made in achieving sustainable management of aquatic systems and resources through an interdisciplinarity of knowledge and work, both at the European level and worldwide. The meeting was also the opportunity to pay tribute to two distinguished water researchers and scientists: Professor Evan Vlachos and Professor Luís Santos Pereira. The Conference intended to be a platform of discussion and sharing of information and experiences between scientists and professionals from Europe and from other regions around the world, which are facing ...
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