Mechanism of Trans Boundary Water Resources Management for Central Asia Countries (2014)

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Water resources are integral part of the natural resource potential of the country. Trans boundary water interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan are priority to ensure water security, where the key problem remains the continuing uncertainty of the status of trans Boundary Rivers. Urgency of the problem of trans Boundary Rivers’ water management is becoming increasingly important due to their revaluation. Kazakhstan, as a water-scarce state of the Central Asian region, needs to look for ways to improve its water balance, since the problem of water volume reducing, reflecting on economic indicators, on addressing protection of ecosystems, social guarantees of water supply, is connected to a greater extent with the inconsistency of border states’ interests, differences in the approaches and methods of trans boundary rivers’ water management. Thus, water resources are not only a component of the environment, but also the main component of the control mechanism, implementation of which will be available for long-term cross-border cooperation of states in order to converge the interests of the joint regulation of water use and consumption, development of their legal basis, its legislative consolidation, direct exposure corresponding to the level of technical and technological support.
Year: 2014
Language: English
In: Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 143 (0): 604-609 p.

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