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000029868 100__ $$aNeupane, N.
000029868 245__ $$aIntegrated Biophysical and Socioeconomic Model for Adaptation to Climate Change for Agriculture and Water in the Koshi Basin
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000029868 507__ $$aNilhari Neupane, MSR Murthy, Golam Rasul, Shahriar Wahid, Arun B Shrestha, Kabir Uddin, ICIMOD staff, Book chapters
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000029868 520__ $$aWater vulnerability is one of the major challenges facing people in the Himalayan river basins and is expected to increase with climate and other change. In order to develop appropriate and effective adaptation strategies, it is necessary to understand the level and spatial distribution of water vulnerability and the underlying factors contributing to it, both biophysical and socioeconomic. The development and application of a water vulnerability assessment model at district level, and its use in adaptation planning, is described using the transboundary Koshi River basin as an example. The whole basin showed a relatively high degree of water vulnerability, with mountain districts the most vulnerable followed by the mid-hills and the plains. The mountain and mid-hill areas were more vulnerable in terms of resource stress and ecological security, whereas the plains areas were more vulnerable in terms of development pressure; all parts of the basin were vulnerable in terms of management capacity. Significant correlation among the four components indicated that improvements in resource availability, ecological security, and management capacity would reduce development pressure and overall vulnerability. Adaptation plans need to be based on district-specific vulnerability characteristics; some suggestions and recommendations for adaptation plans are made.
000029868 700__ $$aMurthy, M. S. R.
000029868 700__ $$aRasul, G.
000029868 700__ $$aWahid, S.
000029868 700__ $$aShrestha, A. B.
000029868 700__ $$aUddin, K.
000029868 773__ $$p Walter Leal Filho(ed), Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation
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