Satellite images of Jure Landslide
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Caption: Satellite images of Jure Landslide
Photo by: ICIMOD
Place: Jure, Sindhupalchok, Nepal
Copyright: ICIMOD
Description: This series of photographs and satellite images downloaded from Google Earth show the development of the landslide over a period of 14 years. They show that the landslide was already active in 2000, when landslide scars and gullies began to develop. According to local people, the landslide started to expand in 2007. Slope failure, fractures, gullies, and hanging debris on the slope, as seen in the 2013 photograph, indicate the probability of further extension of the landslide, production of materials for down-slope movement, and an eventual threat to the settlement and other infrastructure. This series of images shows that landslides can be monitored with the help of satellite images and that information about the most critical landslides can be generated and communicated to all the stakeholders for preparedness planning.
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