Jure Landslide Site
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Caption: Jure Landslide Site
Photo by: ICIMOD
Place: Jure, Sindhupalchok, Nepal
Copyright: ICIMOD
Description: Results of a rapid investigation of the Jure landslide site on 5 August 2014 By Narendra Raj Khanal and Deo Raj Gurung on 17 Aug 2014 On 5 August 2014, two experts from ICIMOD joined other teams from the Disaster Preparedness Network-Nepal (DPNET) to conduct a one day field visit to the landslide dam site at Jure for rapid assessment of the landslide, landslide dam, and the newly formed lake. During the field visit, photographs of the landslide, debris flow fan, dam, lakes, and severely affected areas were taken. This information was used together with satellite imagery to analyse the situation and develop recommendations for action to respond to the Jure landslide, as well as steps that should be taken to help reduce disaster risk in the future.
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