Estimation of Snow Cover for Year (2013)

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The major source of rivers flow in Pakistan originates from Hindu Kush Karakoram-Himalaya Mountains mostly covered with snow throughout the year. Monthly averages of snow covered areas from 2008 to 2013 have been calculated to assess the runoff situation in the Indus. Analysis of the data show that for January and February 2013, monthly average snow covered area is 232775 km2, 344981 km2 respectively in March it is 298850 km2 while for April, May and June it is 236270 km2, 176608 km2 and 116587 km2 respectively for the entire Indus Basin. Similarly the monthly average snow covered area from January 2013 to June 2013 for upstream Tarbela is 132026 km2, 191813 km2, 172949 km2, 146415 km2, 98940 km2 and 76196 km2 respectively. The analyses were performed using supervised classification followed by manual editing to get best possible results. The analyses show that in May 2013 the snow covered area is 17% higher as compared to 2012 and 14% higher as compared to 2011.
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