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000029538 100__ $$aAzad, A.
000029538 245__ $$aFlood-Induced Vulnerabilities and Problems Encountered by Women in Northern Bangladesh
000029538 260__ $$c2013
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000029538 520__ $$aThis study examines flood-induced vulnerabilities among women in northern Bangladesh. Poor and disadvantaged women are more vulnerable to disasters than men due to the conditions that predispose them to severe disaster impacts. Women suffer from physical injuries and are often evicted from their dwellings due to floods. Difficulties in finding adequate shelter, food, safe water, and fuel for cooking, as well as problems in maintaining personal hygiene and sanitation, prevent women from performing their usual roles at home. All of these are problems related to women’s gender identity and social roles. Many poor and destitute women remain unemployed during and after floods. Women also suffer from domestic violence and are subject to harassment when taking shelter or refuge at community centers. These particular vulnerabilities and problems interrupt women’s mitigation efforts and adaptation capacities in disaster risk reduction.
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000029538 653__ $$aFlood
000029538 653__ $$aFlood-Induced Vulnerability
000029538 653__ $$aVulnerability Of Women
000029538 700__ $$aHossain, K.
000029538 700__ $$aNasreen, M.
000029538 773__ $$pInternational Journal of Disaster Risk Science
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000029538 773__ $$a10.1007/s13753-013-0020-z
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