Training Workshop for Journalists in Northeast India
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Caption: Training Workshop for Journalists in Northeast India
Date: 17 January 2014
Place: North East India, India
Copyright: Photographer/ICIMOD
Description: The objective of the workshop was to improve creative thinking and effective communication on adaptation to climate change in a local context. The main focus areas included water, food security, ecosystems services, vulnerability, adaptation to climate change, and the role of women in climate change adaptation in Northeast India. The workshop helped to bring together highly motivated journalists from India and Nepal, working with various media outlets like broadcast, print, web, video, and photo journalism. Special attention will be dedicated to photo and radio journalists. The workshop was conducted by two principal trainers and a regional facilitator, both international senior reporters. During the seven day workshop, the trainers guided the participants in the art of compiling and editing stories. Participants got an opportunity to hone their knowledge and skills in reporting about climate change and its impacts. They also worked on creating innovative reports and exchanged views with fellow journalists and local resource persons. The workshop concentrated on familiarization and discussion of journalistic techniques and information gathering and continued with field trips. By the end of the workshop, the participating journalists worked on relevant stories for publication. The workshop was organized by ICIMOD and GRID-Arendal, in partnership with Aaranyak, under the Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme (HICAP). HICAP is a pioneering collaboration among three organizations – CICERO, ICIMOD, and GRID-Arendal – aimed at contributing to enhanced resilience of mountain communities, particularly women, through improved understanding of vulnerabilities, opportunities, and potentials for adaptation.
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