Runoff Estimation of Aralamallige Watershed, Bangalore Using Remote Sensing and Gis Approach (2014)

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The area selected for the present study was Aralamallige Watershed in Dodaballapur Taluk, Bangalore Rural District located between 77° 25’and 77 °35’32.6’’ E longitude and 13 °15’ 21.54’’ and 13° 23’2.27’’N Latitude. The catchment comprises of an area of about 138.45 Remote sensing provides the base informations on the land use/land cover, soil, drainage and other aspects. GIS softwares were used for database creation and other analysis. Runoff was estimated using soil conservation service(SCS) model and estimated to be 323.54mm, 188.64mm, 78.43mm, 22.27mm, 158.79mm and 42.16mm for the years 2000 and 2005 respectively. The study demonstrated the use of remotely sensed data in conjugation with GIS for better management of natural resources within the watershed
Year: 2014
Language: English
In: Academia Arena, 6 (3):

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