Land Suitability Analysis for Cereal Production in Himachal Pradesh (India) Using Geographical Information System (2009)

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Land suitability analysis is prerequisite for sustainable agriculture and it plays a pivotal role in the niche based agricultural planning in mountain regions. In this paper different parameters viz. climatic (precipitation and temperature), topographic (elevation), soil type and land cover/land use have been used in order to perform land suitability evaluation for cereals food-grain crops in Himachal Pradesh using Geographic Information System (GIS). The suitability analysis was performed by digital processing of geo-referenced data (elevation, climate, soil and landcover) and calculating potential production areas by combining different types of geographical data through decision rules framed for each crop in ArcView spatial analyst. Suitable areas have been delineated for cereal crops in the form of land suitability maps. In comparison to the actual area under cereal crops, the possibility of further expansion under each cereal crop was determined. These discriminated areas appear suitable for growing these crops and can be harnessed efficiently for achieving long term sustainability and food security.
Year: 2009
Language: English
In: Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing, 37 : 233-240 p.

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