Biogeochemistry of Particulate Organic Matter Transported by the Godavari River, India (1997)

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The Godavari River, the third largest river of India,has been sampled for Particulate Inorganic and OrganicCarbon (PIC, POC), Particulate Nitrogen (PN), andParticulate Amino Acids (PAA, including 2 hexosamines(HA)). During the dry season Particulate OrganicMatter (POM) in the upper reaches is relatively freshand autochthonous, in the lower reaches it is degradedand inorganic suspended matter content is higher here.In the wet season (wet monsoon) heavy rains cause abasin-wide flushing of humus from entire catchmentarea consequently POM in the river is mainly degradedand allochthonous. Annual transport of the GodavariRiver amounts to 2.81 × 10 6 ton POC, 0.29 × 10 6ton PN and 0.10 × 10 6 tonParticulate Amino Acid Nitrogen. These amounts rank theGodavari River to one of the most important organic carbontransporting rivers in the world.
Year: 1997
Language: English
In: Biogeochemistry, 38 (2): 103-128 p.

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