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000029058 245__ $$aInfluence of North Atlantic Oscillations and Southern Oscillations on Winter Precipitation of Northern Pakistan
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000029058 520__ $$aWith the changing global climate, study has been carried out to uncover the influence of recent trend of tropical and extra tropical weather systems for northern highlands of Pakistan. In this connection North Atlantic Oscillations (NAO) and El Nino Sothern Oscillation (ENSO) have been taken under discussion by means of statistical relationship. Annual temporal correlation in spatial format between precipitation of the study area to global meteorological parameters show that ENSO is more influential than NAO. Observed data for 14 meteorological stations is employed. Precipitation remained above normal in general with positive phase of NAO and negative phase of Southern Oscillations (SO).This shows that strong westerly and El Nino conditions are apposite for better snowfall over Hindukush, Karakorum and Himalaya (HKH). The logical results of this research are the encouraging clue in formulation of climatic and weather models for the development of seasonal predictions based on statistical configuration for winter precipitation over northern Pakistan.
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